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Science week at Wellington College Hangzhou

Baz Reilly June 14, 2020

Science week at Wellington College Hangzhou
DukeCast China

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It was just a normal day on the campus of Wellington College China Hangzhou when Mr. Paul Rogers discovered a horrendous crime had been committed. His beautiful car had been damaged and the culprit had fled the scene. Luckily for Mr. Rogers and the rest of the school C.S.I. Hangzhou is on the case.
Students of Wellington College China Hangzhou have been recruited to find the elusive culprit. 4 pieces of evidence were left at the crime scene including a fingerprint from the suspect, A footprint left in the mud, A hair sample found left behind, and ink samples from the vandals’ tool. Over the week, students will be using the latest in WCCH technology to match samples from 5 suspected staff members to determine who committed such devious crimes.
Students will need to show many skills such as problem solving, organization, and discretion to make sure the suspects do not suspect that C.S.I. Hangzhou is on to them.
Remember it is a secret so shhh…
During the week students can also take part in specially crafted science shows and lessons. These have been designed to show students the wonderful worlds of biology, chemistry, and physics using exciting demonstrations and hands-on activities. This will be a week of wonder and excitement with many prizes to be won during the weeklong science competitions being run for all ages.