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  Wellington Archivist Caroline Jones dives into the record books to look at how rugby established itself as one of the traditional sports at Wellington College – and how the College helped to shape rugby itself.

What social and political issues were Wellington students asked to consider in the run up to the 1970 election? When were they first allowed to vote? Did they campaign for or against the UK joining the EU? Find out in the latest ‘Out of the Archives’ podcast by Caroline Jones.

This week, College Archivist Caroline Jones goes over the history of swimming facilities and practices at Wellington and the origins of the iconic ‘Maniacs’ competition.

Celebrate Speech Day with the latest podcast from Caroline Jones, the College archivist! Today she will be delving into the history of speech day, from simple beginnings through Edwardian grandeur to the present day…

In this weeks episode of ‘Out of the Archives’, Caroline Jones discusses the music tastes of Wellington pupils back in the late 60s and early 70s, and how the College used to host concerts with some fairly big names…   Hyde Park free concert 7 June 1969: East Of Eden’s record page: […]

Caroline Jones is back with another story from Wellington Colleges history. Today, she discusses the history of Athletic sports at Wellington, and some of the more slightly strange activities no longer practiced.

Caroline Jones talks about the history of the iconic Kingsley race, which has been sadly cancelled this year…

In this weeks episode of ‘Out of the Archives’, Caroline talks about the biggest fire that Wellington College has ever experienced.

In the wake of the current Coronavirus situation, what health epidemics has the College faced in the past? And how did they deal with them? Caroline Jones explains in this weeks episode of ‘Out of the Archives’.

What was life like for the first girls at Wellington? How did they cope in a male-dominated environment? Caroline Jones recounts the experiences of the first girls to join Wellington College in this episode of ‘Out of the Archives’.