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Baz Reilly interviews Samantha Wood from Wellington Tianjin about the opportunities for academy students through the China Internship.

Baz Reilly talks to Marie Ponting, the organiser of ‘Andover Rocks’, a musical fundraiser to raise money for mental health.  

Baz Reilly interviews Professor Lawrence Hurst who was visiting The Wellington Academy, giving a talk for year 9 pupils.

Baz Reilly interviews year 7 students Adam and Harvey, a member of the 26 Engineers Regiment, one of the oldest serving war veterans, Ed Newman and principal of The Wellington Academy Abrilli Phillips.

During the DukeBox Breakfast Show, Baz Reilly interviews Verity Stamp, the head of Psychology and advocate of the #HelloYellow campaign at The Wellington Academy for World Mental Health Day 2017.

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