Archivist Caroline Jones gives DukeBox a tour around the Wellington College Archives. Going over the College’s medical history, wartime preparations and mischief that some OW’s got up to during their time at the school. An interesting overview of some of the College’s most poignant moments in history.

Mr. Pattie, Mr. Gutteridge and Mr. Lewsley discuss the course of the Vietnam War, 1945-75, thrashing out the issues that have divided historians ever since the fall of Saigon: why did the Americans involve themselves? What was the fighting like? And why couldn’t the Americans win? All this and more is spelled out by our […]

Mr Pattie hosts IGCSE Question Time 2019. Revision questions about Italian Unification and 20th Century Germany are fielded to an expert panel of Mr MacLeod, Mr Oakman and Miss Robb. Expect helpful content revision as well as some entertaining disagreements and debates!

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