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In this International DukeBox Radio show, “Getting candid about race”, Molly interviews Sade and Nicole (all U6 Hg) about commonly asked questions on race. The topics discussed include: awkward situations such as hair touching, deeper issues such as systemic racism, new buzz terms such as white privilege and more.

After being saved from certain death during the demolition of the Earth, Arthur Dent now faces a hopeless choice between meeting certain death in the vacuum of space or finding something pleasant to say about Vogon poetry. Join us for the second gravity-defying Welly instalment of …. the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

Baz Reilly and Professor Kenny talk about “Materials” in “The Stuff You Didn’t Know Show.

Baz Reilly and Professor Kenny talking about food in “The Stuff You Didn’t Know Show”.

Baz Reilly and Professor Kenny talk about Space in “The Stuff You Didn’t Know Show”

Jason Billows Director Of Sport – The Sport Podcast Ep1

Miss Alice Shi, Head of Primary Chinese, talks to Baz Reilly about the Mid-Autumn festival here in China.

It was my great pleasure to chat to Mr Shen about his 30 years service as a teacher here in Hangzhou.

Joy Qiao was chatting to Baz Reilly in the DukeBox radio studio prior to her “Town Hall” presentation to all the Hangzhou staff.

Baz Reilly was joined by Paul Rogers the outgoing Executive Master of Wellington college Hangzhou. Paul came into the DukeBox studio with an arm full of his favourite tunes. Listed below: Song Series#2 – Everlasting Arms Performed by: Stew Mcilrath, Worship Central Malaysia Written by: Stew Mcilrath Jaco Pastorious – The Chicken Performed by: Jaco […]