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Kingsley Chen from class 3C returns to talk to Baz Reilly about his new essay on whether junk food should be served in school canteens.

“The Stuff You Didn’t Know Show” with Baz Reilly and Professor Kenny talking about not getting lost, army rations, sliced bread, coffee and M&M’s

Baz Reilly talks to Daisy Zhang our school councilor about the new chill out room in building ‘A’.

Sportscast #9 – Baz Reilly talks to Director of Sport Jason Billows about: Movember fund raising, sports round up and the best of Oasis.

Baz Reilly talks to the director and senior reporter of HTV – 5 about the “little reporters” for the Asian games.

Marty speaks to Head of Drama Lisa Dever about what’s going on in drama in Wellington and Huili school, the Christmas performance and what to look forward to in 2021.

Baz Reilly talks to head of Music Alejandro Montoya about all things music at Wellington and Huili and encouraging his musical students to expand their musical horizons.

Marty speaks to director of co-curricular activities Richard Armstrong about CCA’s, SA’s and the upcoming COBIS competitions.

Baz Reilly chats to Mr. Rosco and the EY2D class

Baz Reilly talks to Carina Ma about the Spelling Bee