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WellySport Podcast #09 – Rackets

WellySport June 18, 2020

WellySport Podcast #09 – Rackets
Welly Sport

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Welcome to the WellySport podcast, where the aim is to provide interesting sports related conversations with anyone from the world of sport, including Old Wellingtonians now involved in sport or other individuals who now work within sport. Should you have ideas for guests please email

This week:

This week’s podcast guest is OW James Coyne, who left in 2003. James played in a strong college 2nd pair, before improving immeasurably after leaving school, becoming World Doubles Champion ten years later. James is interviewed by captains, Freddie B (Bd) and Lauren Gooding (C), and talks about his college, and post-college experiences, on and off court. As an James is still one of the top players in the world, and is chairman of the Rackets committee, within the governing body. We are also joined by Mr Oliphant-Callum, master in charge of Rackets, and professionals, Mr Tulley & Ben Cawston.


Intro/Outro Song – What Else? by Igloo