Harvard, Stanford and Oxford: $160 million entrepreneur Jamie Beaton

Business March 25, 2019

Jamie Beaton is a New Zealand born entrepreneur. In 2016, he graduated from Harvard University, Magna Cum Laude with a double-degree in Applied Mathematics-Economics and Applied Maths two years ahead of schedule (the fastest person to have ever achieved this in the world).

In 2013 Jamie founded Crimson Education, an online mentoring platform that supports students around the world through innovative personalised learning technology and a network of more than 2400 expert tutors and mentors from top institutions. Crimson serves more than 20,000 students annually from over 20 different countries and has more than 200 employees globally. It has the world’s most effective placement rates into top institutions such as the ivy league schools, Oxbridge, Stanford and MIT.

Currently Jamie is completing a MBA at Stanford Business School (where he was also the youngest person to ever be accepted) while simultaneously pursuing a PhD in Education at Oxford University through the prestigious Rhode Scholarship Programme.

What we talked about today:

Data-driven college admission

Creating value for your customers

Having strategies in everything–starting a business, studying or life in general.

Current track