Where is God in Suffering? - In Conversation with Andrew and Rosie Perry

Many of you will remember Charlie Perry, especially if you are in the U6th or the Stanley at Wellington College, and everyone will remember the amazing concert and festival held at the College in his memory.

A question that all of us ask ourselves is why is there suffering in this life? For those who believe in God, the question is why does he allow it? Or how can there be a loving God in the world when he allows suffering?

Charlie’s parents are Christian, and this is therefore a hugely personal and important question for them, and one which many people have asked them. Where is God in suffering? To that extent they decided to come to Open Door to be interviewed and talk about their experience and their answers.

Listen to the full interview below:


Jack Chong Live - Special Guests James Ellis & Hugh Walsh

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This week Jack is joined by Upper Sixth student Hugh Walsh & Teacher James Ellis, two people with extremely different political views. In this episode they debate controversial political topics including the redistribution of wealth, abortion, same sex marriage, Donald Trump and much more!

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